NOTE: As of November 21st, 2019 the `base-track-digest256` tests are removed from this page since that list is no longer in use for new version of Nightly (72 and beyond).

Tracker Blocking (i.e., resource blocking)

Test will say "Blocked" if Firefox is blocking resources from that list.

Level 1 (Basic) List

Level 1 Tracker blocking with separate lists (social-track-digest256,ads-track-digest256,analytics-track-digest256).




Level 2 (Strict List) Tracker Blocking


Cookie blocking

NOTE: If tracker blocking is enabled, these tests might not run

Level 1 (Basic) List

* Advertising - `ads-track-digest256`:

    * Analytics - `analytics-track-digest256`: 

    * Social - `social-track-digest256`: 


Level 2 (Strict) List

* Content - `content-track-digest256`: