STP uses the following lists: (social-tracking-protection-facebook-digest256, social-tracking-protection-linkedin-digest256, social-tracking-protection-twitter-digest256). We have to check each of these individually, but if the feature is working correctly all three should be blocked (or not blocked) depending on which configuration you're testing.

Tracker Blocking (i.e., resource blocking)

Test will say "Blocked" if Firefox is blocking resources from that list.

Social Tracking Protection Lists




Cryptomining (base-cryptomining-track-digest256):

Cookie blocking

NOTE: If tracker blocking is enabled for STP domains, these tests will not work properly.

Social Tracking Protection Lists

* Facebook - `social-tracking-protection-facebook-digest256`:

    * LinkedIn - `social-tracking-protection-linkedin-digest256`: 

    * Twitter - `social-tracking-protection-twitter-digest256`: